How vulnerability connects each one of us.

The only way to really connect with others in order to see what they can teach us in life, is through what we know about ourselves. You cannot see in others what you haven’t seen yet in yourself.

When you know so little about yourself, you hardly genuinely connect with others. Maybe externally and in a less profound way you do, but not in the long term. For me the secret to maintaining a connection with our favorite people is through empathy and vulnerability. I can’t help but mention Brené Brown in all of this, for her empathy is, feeling WITH people. Many times we confuse empathy with sympathy. When someone has a problem it is not the same to say “What happened to you is really sad, but at least it wasn’t worse …” because we minimize the other’s feeling instead, that to say “I am listening to you, maybe I don’t understand you, but I let you be and feel whatever, with me” The other part is vulnerability, she is the goddess on this. I love it because thanks to her research in personal relationships we have learned that there can be no deep connection with others without vulnerability.

  • Do they inspire you?
  • Do they motivate you to be something through their authenticity?
  • What have they taught you?
  • How much do they allow you to be and vice versa?



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Lu Salgado

Lu Salgado

As I align with my most authentic self, I share my knowledge through my experiences along the way, using writing as a translator of my head.