By: Luisa Salgado

By: Briahna Wenke

I have days when I wake up and see my purpose so clearly, everything I want to do seems so visible and achievable. But there are days when nothing seems to be in place, that going out of bed happens as an emotional miracle. I usually resist going for a run, for a long time I have been used to wait for motivation to arrive instead of befriending discipline, but when I remember the fact that motivation may not come that day and I go out, everything changes. …

What I have been wanting to hear all this time.

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People love to know the long-term plans of others,

…but what are you going to do next? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If something goes wrong, what are you going to do?

Most of the time they are projecting their own worries through their questions, however many times we find ourselves making up answers that we don’t even believe to be true just to avoid being socially judged for being unclear about our long-term path.

Society is quite judgemental with people who’s path is not guided by…

By: Luisa Salgado

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I am lucky to have grown up being bothered by my parents in a good way. All my life, my siblings and I have been educated to avoid thinking small, to evolve, to change our surroundings, to always look for or take opportunities that allow us to expand minds. That lesson has never been clearer to me than now that I have understood that in order to create my own path and gradually come out of the shadow of my parents, I need to change.

Although that part was very clear to me, the problem for me…

By: Lu Salgado

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Having your heart broken is one of the things you don’t understand at the moment until you decide to get out of the hole you created to cry. It is like having to accept that someone died, that not be there anymore and it is certainly one of the hardest things I have had to do.

Yes, our partners and ex-partners have perhaps been our best teachers, but why are their lessons so damn painful?

Certainly when we get our heart broken the least we think about is the lesson that rupture has within, the only thing…

Por: Lu Salgado

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Que te rompan el corazón es una de las cosas que no entiendes en el momento hasta que decides salirte del hoyo que creaste para llorar y llorar. Es como tener que aceptar que alguien murió, que no estará más y ciertamente es una de las cosas, con perdón de ustedes, más cabronas que he tenido que hacer.

Sí, nuestras parejas y exparejas quizás han sido nuestros mejores maestros, pero ¿QUÉ PEDO con lo que duelen sus enseñanzas?

Ciertamente cuando se “nos rompe el corazón” lo que menos pensamos es en lo positivo que va a traer…

By: Lu Salgado

I’ve always thought that learning a new language is a personal thing to do, due to the different ways of learning in which each one learns. Most people don’t achieve to learn a language on the traditional way of learning, at least I know I haven’t.

For me learning the languages I know has been more linked to my experiences and curiosity rather than to exhaustive studies on grammar. I studied English and French at school ever since I was a little girl for several years and I never achieved to be fluent or to actually speak…

By: Lu Salgado.

Growing up for me was always strange, I used to question everything I didn’t understand, not in a positive and curious way but with prejudice. I used to judge everything that seemed different from what I was used to seeing, so living on another country wasn’t exactly a tempting option for me.

I used to think that people who came back after living in a country for a while exaggerated their experiences because they just couldn’t help talking about it every single time. I’d constantly think can’t they get over it? (clearly, I had no idea).


We cannot choose our destiny, but choosing the people around us is a very close way to do it.

I heard this phrase in the This is Us series and I loved it. This time of “pause” has given me the opportunity to speak with my favorite people, who don’t often have the time to speak. …

By: Lu Salgado.

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I think it is time for us to talk about this, that mindset with which must of us approach the world of fitness and diets. This topic has been one of the most complicated for me, because I have approached it throughout my life in many ways: to look better, to look better and to look better. Always for others. Always to be seen, to be noticed, to call attention.

It never crossed my mind to do things for me and if you go through this, let me just say that you are not the only one…

We are a generation that needed to grow believing in themselves, and that is why I think we have to learn.

Hey, it’s been an interesting week. I’ve been thinking about all the great talks I’ve had with my friends lately, which helped me notice that although we might live differently, we all go through similar stuff such as self sabotage.

Being the messenger for self-sabotage is another one of the several traps your ego creates. I decided to give a face to my ego; I even named it to make this whole situation less serious, and turn it a bit more easier to be able to recognize where I’m coming from.

Putting a name on everything makes you take a…

Lu Salgado

As I align with my most authentic self, I share my knowledge through my experiences along the way, using writing as a translator of my head.

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